Dear Colleagues,

It is our great pleasure to invite you to participate in the 14th International Conference of Telemedicine Society of India (TSI). Telemedicon 2018 will be held in Amaravati, the capital of Andhra Pradesh from 1st – 3rd November, 2018.
Telemedicon is a not-to-be missed mega International event on Telemedicine organized by TSI, Andhra Pradesh Chapter for all the key players in telemedicine industry across the world and being planned to continue its legacy. The conference will show case the advances and developments in the field of Electronics/ Hardware/ Medical and Diagnostic devices/ Software/ Data Transmission, Reception, Storage and retrieval etc., along with their applications in the field of Telemedicine to provide medical services to the needy.
Over 1,000 highly qualified doctors, clinicians, health care professionals, government officials from India and abroad, medical technology professionals, entrepreneurs, investors, management professionals, scholars and students will come together over two days to discuss the latest innovations, practices, processes, achievements and case studies.
For the first time, we are organising student competitions for Engineering and Medical students where new designs and development of portable and low-cost Hardware/ Software can be showcased.
With a slew of futuristic features being embedded into its design, Amaravati — the new capital of Andhra Pradesh, holds a promise of being a city like no other in India. Hence do take some time out to experience the best of Amaravati.

Dr. Murthy Remilla

Dr. P Ramesh Babu
Organising Secretary

Dr K Sudarshan
Treasurer & Conference

Conference Sponsors