Telemedicon 2018: Inter-disciplinary Student Competition

“Telemedicon 2018”, 14th International conference of Telemedicine Society of India (TSI) is being organised by the A.P Chapter of TSI in association with the Government of A.P. This a major Techno-medical event of Telemedicine (T.M), also know as e Health/e Medicine/ Telehealth, in India.
As the name suggests, Telemedicon is the provision of medical consultation and health care services to patients’ at one end and doctors at the other end, using different communication and I.T technologies.  In short, T.M makes “Geography” a “History” and helps in reaching medical services available to connected patient, irrespective of distance and location.
The conference will show case the advances and developments in the field of Electronics/ Hardware/ Medical and Diagnostic devices/ Software/ Data Transmission, Reception, Storage and retrieval etc., along with their applications in the field of Telemedicine to provide medical services to the needy.
This year’s Conference “TELEMEDICON-2018” is planned to be organised at K.L.University, Amaravati, A.P. (20 km from Vijayawada) during Nov 2-3, 2018.
As a part of this a pre-conference work shop and student competitions are planned Nov 1, 2018.

This competition is open to:

Multi disciplinary teams of (3-5 members) comprising Engineering and Medical students, preferably with a member from start up/ Venture capitalist.  All the current students/recent pass-outs of any AICTE recognised Engineering/Medical colleges in India are eligible to participate


Entries solicited for:

Any new design and development of portable and low-cost Hardware/Software for conducting/ capturing the vital parameters/Diagnostics like glucose levels, B.P, ECG, MRI, Dermatology or Eye test etc., with a focus on rural/Low- population areas/ villages of India.
The invention/proposed model/ can be an application of even existing hardware/Software for an altogether new application in the medical field.  Other entries could be in the form of New and user friendly Apps for the purpose of patient monitoring and management by hospitals/Doctors or even for personal Health care management by the patients.


Selection Procedure:

  1. All interested participants should from the Inter-disciplinary group as above and register on the Conference website with details of the team members.
  2. Shall submit the proposal in brief and proposed time line for readiness by July 30,2018.
  3. Regional level/city level (based on numbers) Tests and Qualifications will be held during September 15-25,2018.
  4. Eligible entries/teams will be qualified to participate in Quarter Finals to be conducted/reviewed in October 1-10,2018.
  5. Winners of the Quarter Finals will be eligible to participate in the Semi-finals to be conducted during October 15-25,2018.
  6. Finalists to participate in the Final Selection on Nov 1,2018.
  7. Prize distribution on Nov 3, 2018.
  8. All Eligible teams of Quarter Finals can participate on Nov 1,2018 and exhibit/explain their entry to the delegates.
  9. Student participants other than those qualified for finals to participate with a nominal student registration fee as announced.
  10. Sharing accommodation in student hostels/other facilities in the venue campus will be provided on a first –come-first serve basis to the limited extent available.  

All interested members may visit our website: and register/submit the entries