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1st - 3rd Nov, 2018

Amaravati Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh

Venue: K L Deemed to be University

Research Papers


Research Papers Theme wise Sessions Knowledge Hall (Hall-B)
Research Papers Session (1): Advanced Technologies for T.M & Start-Ups for TM
Nov 2, 2018: 1130-1315 Hrs.

  1. Mr. Adarsha Kachappilly: AyuLynk-  Indigenous Smart stethoscope for Telemedicine
  2. Dr. Irfan Ahemad Savanur: Use of unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) model for telemedicine services –An Exploratory study.
  3. Mr. Mahesh Varma Mudunuri: Robotic Tele-Manipulation System for Delivering Pre-Hospitalization Treatment to Road Accident Victims at Remote & Unpopulated Locations
  4. Dr. Mukesh Taneja: Cornea Practice in  Remote Rural Set-up with the help of Robotic Teleophthalmic Slit Lamp
  5. Mr. Rabi Debnath: New Horizons of Technology Driven Practical Health and Care using Data Science
  6. Mr. Ramu  R: Real Time ECG monitoring and Diagnosis for elderly cardiac patients through Telemedicine
  7. Mr. Tamilmaran: P: Telemedicine in Camp Mode while screening for NCD
  8. Dr. Dileep Raman: Impact of Tele-ICU driven interventions on antibiotic prescription practices and quality metrics in an Indian setting
  9. Dr. Pawan Gupta: Tobacco Cessation – Challenges and Solution online network mode


Research Papers Session (2): Nov 2, 2018: 1400-1545 Hrs
Public Health Projects, New Applications & Others

  1. Dr. Bhavya Bairy Innovative model of tele-mentoring to increase access for Specialist care in Addiction and Mental Health: VKN NIMHANS Chhattisgarh ECHO
  2. Prof. Jayanta Mukhopadhyay: Post-project sustenance and cost benefit analysis of telemedicine in Government hospitals of Tripura
  3. Mr. Mk Sajithlal: Setting up of Tribal Mobile Telemedicine Infrastructure for providing speciality care in Wayanad
  4. Dr. Sumitkumar Durgoji: Competence And Self-Efficacy Of Primary Care Physicians In Managing Common Mental And Substance Use Disorder:Preliminary Experience Of  NIMHANS Digital Academy
  5. Ms. Abhinaya R: Learning module for dyslexic children
  6. Dr. Gunda Srinivas: Observational Study of a Novel Cloud Clinic
  7. Mr. Monish Kaul: Clinical Reasoning Using Medical Literature Word Embeddings & Graphical Convergence
  8. Ms. B. Siva Kumari*, D. Bala Karuna Kumara: Nanotechnology – A Directive towards Promising Nano-Medicine

Research Papers Session (3) Nov 2, 2018: 1615-1715 Hrs, Hall-B
Telemedicine tools & Experiences

  1. Prof. Anil Gptua: Impact of Intervention on Utilization of Tele-Evidence Facility in A Tertiary Care Teaching Institute Of North India
  2. Ms. Ankita Srivastava: Evaluation of telemedicine centers under PAN Africa eNetwork Project
  3. Mr. Arun Kumar: Telemedicine Activities at NRC using NKN - An Audit of SGPGIMS
  4. Mr. Repu Chand: Web Enabled Telemedicine Schedule Management System
  5. Mr.Shiv Mishra: Evaluation of Telemedicine Network in Uttar Pradesh (UP)
  6. Dr. Kiran Kumar.K. Telepathology: A review
  7. Mr.Dabeer Warsi: Experience of Usefulness of Breast Self-Examination Animation in Nursing Students

Research Papers Session (4): Nov 3, 2018: 0900-1100 Hrs, Hall-B
Power of PPP & Mobiles in Health care

  1. Dr. Ashok  Singh Telemedicine: PPP Model: Our Experiences
  2. Mr. Rahul Kondapalli: Remote Eye care: Mukhyamantri e-Eye Kendram Project of Govt of Andhra Pradesh - A 6-month Story
  3. Mr. Ram Prakash Palaparty:  Health Booth for Rural Healthcare
  4. Mr. Santos Das: Impact of Telediagnostics in identification and referral of High Risk Pregnancies: The Andhra Pradesh eUPHC Story- A preliminary report.
  5. Dr. Meghnath Reddy:  Role of Tele monitoring in implementing a Quality Assurance System in eUPHC Laboratories: A preliminary study from Andhra Pradesh
  6. Dr. Akhila Kosuru : Remote identification and management of Hyperglycaemia in a eUPHC setting. A 23-month preliminary report from Andhra Pradesh. 
  7. Mr. Rabi Debnath: Extensions of Health care with advent of anywhere technology
  8. Dr. Amit Agarwal: An intervention of telemonitoring and structured telephone support for children with bronchial asthma: a randomized controlled trial
  9. Dr. Gunda Srinivas: Management of UTI (Urinary Tract Infections) on a Cloud Clinic
  10. Mr.  Indra Pratap Singh: Portable Telemedicine System; Models and Practice Scenarios
  11. Dr. Surya Bali: Distribution and Determinants of Possession of Personal Mobile Phone among Adolescents in Madhya Pradesh
  12. Mr.  Sai Sidhant Mishra: Empowering medical specialists by mHealth application to ensure shorter turnaround time / quicker responses

Research Papers Session (5): Nov 3, 2018: 1130-1230 Hrs, Hall-B
Sustainable models for T.M. practice

  1. Mr. A.kishore Reddy: Telemedicine past and future
  2. Dr. Sankeerthana Kamani: Success model for Tele-Endocrine Practice.
  3. Dr. Jawahar Shah: Servicing widest range of patients globally to urban to villagers
  5. Dr. Sarala Kumari: Sustainable model for Tele-ICU practice - The Apollo Model
  6. Mr. Satheesh Kumar D: Why to close Telemedicine Centre! We can sustain -Problems, Solutions & Tips
  7. Mr. Vijay Pal Singh: Telemedicine Program Management - An audit of a nineteen years’ experience

Poster presentations:
Hall C (Exhibition Area)

  1. Prof. Prabhat Chand: Virtual linkage of front-line community health providers with academic centre specialists for Collaborative and Quality care in Tobacco Cessation E-Poster Public health projects-Issues-solutions implement action plans and results
  2. Mr. Gyan Sharma; Role of eVIN in New Vaccine launch  E-Poster M Health-unleashing the power of mobiles in health care services
  3. Dr. Anuradha Das: mHealth: An Analysis with real-time experience E-Poster M Health-unleashing the power of mobiles in health care services
  4. Dr. Sameha Sarat: Awareness Of Teledentistry And Utilisation Barriers In India